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What are Communities?

Our Communities bring engineers and technicians together, either online or face to face.

They cover many areas of the world and a wide range of technical disciplines.

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The Communities Committee South Asia (CCSA)

The CCSA was set up to support regional activities, driving communication between communities and sharing best practice methods. The CCSA also advises the Communities Resourcing Committee on how a resource should be allocated and helps communities keep track of and meet their KPIs.

Whether they’re geographical, technical or age-focused, the CCSA supports all our communities.

Meet the Committee members

Name Designation
Mr Kapil Khanna Chairman
R N Rajpoot Vice-Chair/Treasurer
Ved Prakash YPCC Rep
Neha Singh Senior Staff member
Sujan Shekar Elected member of the CCSA
Prof S Cloudin Elected member of the CCSA
Rajesh Patwardhan Member
Dr Surajit Chattopadhyay Member
Prof Deepak Kshirsagar Member
Prof Preeti D Bhamre Member
Prof Rukmal Jayasinghe Member
Bright Reginold Raja Member
Vivek Ram Vasan Member

Key activities of the CCSA

  • Coordinate the planning of community activities in the region and advise the Communities Resourcing Committee on allocation of resourcing to the region.
  • Agree and monitor community KPIs with the Communities Resourcing Committee and promote remedial action where required.
  • Allocate funding and other resources to communities in the region (total regional fund allocated to the region by the Communities Resourcing Committee).